The Family History of Katherine Anne Sandison

Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland

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Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamson, Francis Allen  8 Jun 1954Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I177682 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 ANDERSON, Andrea Maureen  1 Dec 1958Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I184988 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Brown, Sheila  12 Dec 1957Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I186242 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Cameron, Christine Mary  29 Jun 1951Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I186308 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 CAMPBELL, James George  31 May 1956Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I201304 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Coutts, Neil Macgregor  4 Mar 1956Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I187821 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Donald, Neil Roy  24 Nov 1960Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I170498 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Gair, Charles  1 Dec 1953Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I184157 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 GOUDIE, Robina Margaret Helen  15 Aug 1949Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I205005 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 HENDERSON, James David  5 Mar 1950Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I183227 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 HENDERSON, Jean Manson  22 Oct 1952Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I175125 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Henry, Neil  10 Jan 1962Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I183488 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 HUGHSON, Angus Bruce  20 Sep 1950Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I193754 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 HUGHSON, Catherine Frances  19 Jun 1953Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I206350 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 IRVINE, Peter McGregor  28 Jan 1957Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I179032 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 IRVINE, Theodore Gordon  22 Jan 1962Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I191279 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Jamieson, Peter Barry  20 Apr 1951Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I162541 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Jamieson, Thomas  13 Feb 1940Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I157009 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Johnson, David Scott  23 Nov 1952Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I189245 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 LEASK, Arthur Emlyn  5 Feb 1958Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I193445 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 LESLIE, Yvonne Avril  5 Sep 1959Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I191008 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Lyall, Kenneth Walker  13 Feb 1948Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I203342 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 MACKAY, Patricia Agnes  14 Jul 1955Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I178636 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Manson, Helen Sandra  21 Sep 1952Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I183597 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 MOAR, Anne Margaret  15 Aug 1956Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I206456 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 MONCRIEFF, Peter Henry  13 Aug 1950Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I200972 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Mundie, James John  7 May 1948Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I187599 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 PETERSON, Brian Russell  31 May 1951Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I169801 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Pottinger, Keith  13 Jul 1954Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I172253 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 Rowe, Devina Scott  1 Apr 1954Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I206417 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
31 SANDISON, Roderick John  17 Aug 1956Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I203521 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
32 SIMPSON, Valerie Mary  1 Jun 1953Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I182710 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
33 Sinclair, William Michael  19 Jun 1958Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I205627 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
34 SLATER, Alan William  17 Nov 1950Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I207256 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
35 SLATER, Ian Laurence  29 Dec 1954Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I207264 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
36 SLATER, Peter Sinclair  17 Mar 1956Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I207282 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
37 SMITH, Norman James  7 Dec 1949Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I183594 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
38 Smith, Sandra Henderson  19 Sep 1952Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I184155 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
39 Sutherland, Victor  24 Feb 1954Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I204243 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
40 Tait, Elizabeth Margaret  6 Jun 1955Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I203389 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
41 Watt, Magnus William  11 Aug 1950Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I182780 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
42 WILLIAMSON, Rhoda Margaret  7 May 1954Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I177920 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
43 Wilson, Robert Gordon  1 May 1951Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I172257 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
44 WOOD, Linda Ann  30 Apr 1955Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I187104 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Miller, Margaret Flett  26 Feb 1957Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I182983 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 PETERSON, Brian Russell  3 Jun 1951Midgarth Annex, Lerwick, Shetland I169801 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

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